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March 28, 2019

Special Brewery Episode

We hang out at the brewery without the bossman. The brewers Marco and Jason have a taste off with a few obstacles thrown in. Kyle brings us a Strip Club Review in the style of one of his fellow Texans.

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Bronston Jones and Joe Praino sit in for some weekday drinking fun. The Sun Monkeys play amazing music and Kyle Overstreet brings us the best Byob Strip Club Review yet! Also a special appearance by the amazing Erin Alexis. 

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St. Practice day from The Dudes' Brewing Company Valencia. Lots of people joined us, Wreck My Podcast, Jose Chavez, Operation 90's and SHUT UP MARSHALL!!!

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Kareem Matthews and Brian talk about going to the Super Bowl, Rich Rubin recaps watching the game with us at the Brewery in Torrance on the show Justin hosted. 


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February 12, 2019

Special Super Bowl live show

Justin host the show while Brian is in Atlanta at the big game. Joined by Jen Murphy, Eddie Pence and Rich Rubin live from The Dudes' Brewery in Torrance Ca. 

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Morgan Jay sings his way through the whole show, Jason talks about making movies. Kyle Overstreet swings by for another Strip Club Review

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Fresh off the NFL Championship weekend Jorge Sedano talks sports and BBQ with return guest comedian Dave Williamson.

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Garry Cannon and Steve Mazan come in and give Brian the roast he deserves. 

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Radio super star Rich Rubin takes a break form a triathlon to enjoy some day drinking. Rob and John from The Dudes' Hockey team sit in. Brian talks about recent Laker Game and meeting Nitro's idol LeBron James. 

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A special show from the construction site for The Dudes Brewing Company Hollywood. Super funny Mike Perkins makes his first official visit to the pod and teams up with our friend Kaycee Conlee for a fun new game. JT Pender debuts a dope new track for us.  Kyle Overstreet gives us a super creepy BYOB Strip Club review.






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