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September 13, 2018

Episode 9: Harvey Levin

In episode No. 9... The Dudes' had a blast recording live from the Arclight Cinemas in Santa Monica on Friday!

The Dudes’ Brewing Company was thrilled to be Arclight on Tap’s newest partner to take over the taps in their Santa Monica location. We paired it with a special 20 year anniversary screening of The Big Lebowski.

Very special guest Harvey Levin stopped by to share some amazing insight into his secret world. 

...tune-in & enjoy 


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September 5, 2018

Episode 8: Alex Gettlin & Co.

In our 8th episode... the super funny Alex Gettlin swings by to enjoy some tasty brews with Brian & The Gang. Toby plays another round of "Toby's Angry Yelp Revenge"!

The dudes from ArcLight Cinemas pop in to give the scoop on the Dudes' Tap Takeover and Big Lebowski screening on Sept 7th!!!

Join us Friday in the lobby for a special live Podcast with a special guest, prizes and good times...

Tune in and check it all out!



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September 3, 2018

Episode 7: Erin Alexis

In episode Lucky No. 7... The Fabulous Erin Alexis joins Brian and the gang. Nitro gets to pour his first wine flight on the podcast, Brian recaps his East Coast tour. We introduce a new segment.. “Toby’s Yelp Revenge” and Erin embellishes her drunken story about getting free drinks from a cop who pulled her over.

Crack open a frosty & keep cool Dudes'


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August 25, 2018

Episode 6: Kevin Fisher

Special Episode from the Brewery! Brian opens with a "cheesy" joke. Kevin Fisher plays some live music from his new album "BEER ME", a new game to test the palate of the people who make the beer.. A flashback to Justin before he was Nitro, and the first embellished drinking game! 

Lots of talk about the Big Live Show with ARCLIGHT Santa Monica, Sept. 7th, join us live... Tickets are available now! CLICK HERE

...rOcK on Dudes!


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August 21, 2018

Episode 5: Dave Williamson

In this episode: Brian gets it going with a story about the worst morning ever with a freak rain storm in LA!!! Dave Williamson joins the gang after leaving the comforts of El Segundo, a whopping 6 miles away. Justin Wood wishes he could have Brian's T-shirt, Toby gives turn by turn directions to his house 70 miles away from anything, and Dave brings it on home with some tales about the Bahamas and building a barn in his backyard.

Kick off the froth & Keep sippin'...


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August 10, 2018

Episode 4: Kyle Overstreet

In this episode: Brian McDaniel Welcomes Kyle Overstreet from "The Hollywood Puppet Show" to talk about all the crazy voices he did for Season 2 on FuseTV. Toby breaks down a bunch of beers for the group, Justin gets his new nickname "Nitro", and Kyle wraps it all up with the best Yelp review for a strip club ever!

Crank it Dudes'!


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August 10, 2018

Episode 3: Kaycee Conlee

In this episode: Brian opens things up with a joke about drugs in Vegas, Kaycee Conlee joins the boys to show off her love of beer knowledge, Toby expresses his love for Yelp reviews, and Scotty wipes down the airplane before boarding only to be bumped for a dog!

Kaycee tells us her embellished drinking story about walking home from a bar in Florida...

Stay thirsty Dudes'


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In this episode: Comic Tony Camin joins our host Brian McDaniel for some day drinking and reveals a story about how he fainted at a bar in Joshua Tree!

The Boss -Toby- returns from his European Vacation to talk about all the gentleman parts he saw on the beaches of Spain.

Scotty goes on way too long about the exotic Kansas trip with his folks, and Ric'Diculous artist creates a masterpiece in under an hour.

Good times Dudes'!

The Dudes' of Episode 2

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DJ Cooch’ Jorge Marroquin stops by and talks about getting stuck in Alaska.

We play the embelished drinking game where Cooch tells a hilarious story about taking his nephew to Tijuana to celebrate his 18th birthday.

Brian gives us some great jokes about hot girls in the 70’s, and we get to know a guy named Josh. 

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